Re Testimonial for Teeth for Life Dental Practice

I have suffered from an extreme phobia of Dentistry since being a teenager, to the extent that up until recently I had failed to attend the Dentist despite knowing that this was very detrimental to the health of my teeth and gums. This internal conflict between knowing what you should do and not actually doing it creates additional stress and makes actually making an appointment even more difficult. So I suffered mental anguish and physical symptoms of stress such as increased heart rate, hyperventilation, nausea and headaches at the mere thought of going to a Dentist.

Eventually a gum condition drove me to try and find a sympathetic Dentist and Teeth for Life was recommended to me as they offer sedation as a treatment for patients. Although sedation sounds quite extreme it has helped me immensely. I don't remember anything about the actual treatment and yet come round from the sedation very quickly with no after effects.

Just as importantly, however, is the attitude of the staff at the practice towards people who find attending the Dentist difficult. The biggest hurdle for me initially was actually going in to the Dental Practice to make an appointment, and to my relief I found the reception staff were extremely understanding and patient. When it came to my first appointment to see Mr. O'Donovan, I was not patronized nor made to feel irresponsible in terms of my behaviour. Sedation was offered to me as a way to help me overcome my fear and I have now successfully attended the Dentist on several occasions.

Although I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I knew that I didn't have to return for six months until my next check-up Ino longer feel the same degree of anguish and feel confident that I will attend the next appointment, which is something that I have never managed to do in the past.

To conclude I would certainly recommend this practice to anyone who suffers from a Dental phobia.

- Mrs H. M.

To Whom it May Concern

I don't know what I would have done without Mr O’Donovan. l am an extremely nervous dental patient; however when I heard that he offered sedation, I felt as though I had won the lottery.

I have had sedation a number of times now, and whilst I am still nervous, the experience is far more tolerable, and I do make every effort to attend regularly and I have even been on my own! Before having sedation, I would make any excuse not to go to the dentist as the experience was unbearable and affected my day-to-day life and I would never even entertain the idea of going on my own.

In addition to the sedation, Mr. O'Donovan and his staff are very patient and understanding, this personally helps me as I know that they will not judge me or reprimand me (which has happened elsewhere!).

Kind Regards

- Ms W E

I am writing with regard to my experience of having dental treatment done by you using sedation. At all time I felt most reassured and comforted by you and all your staff. The process of sedation itself was quite painless and without trauma. I have hardly any recollection of the work being done and awoke feeling relieved that the necessary work had been completed with hardly any stress to myself.

I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment done by you and your staff to anyone who feels it may be of help.

- Mr R H

To whom it may concern,

I am a dentist’s worst nightmare when it comes to having treatment done, but if it wasn't for sedation I wouldn’t have my treatment done. I become so terrified knowing that I have got to have something done but knowing that I can have sedation, l feel relaxed about having it done. I never remember much about the treatment especially the part of how I got home ! It's even better that the staff make you feel welcome and relaxed - even if the talk is silly chatter whilst it takes affect.

I would never change my dentist as Mr.O'Donovan is excellent at making me feel relaxed.

Just don't ever retire!

- Ms S H

To Whom it may concern

I am very happy to write a testimonial to the caring Mr O’Donovan and his excellent staff, who have helped me over the years.

Since I have had treatment with sedation, I do not feel quite so apprehensive about my visits to Mr O’Donovan as I remember nothing afterwards and suffer no pain or after-effects.

- Mrs H B

Dear Mr O'Donovan

Dental treatment with sedation has been my lifeline; at last the sheer terror of a visit to the dentist is over.

With your good self reassuring and quietly confident, and your staff friendly and caring, my dental treatment is now so very different, almost enjoyable !

Many thanks

- Mrs B M

Dear Mr O'Donovan

I am a patient at Mr O’Donovan’s surgery where I regularly receive sedation as part of my dental treatment.This is given in a very professional and caring way; the consideration given by Mr O’Donovan and his staff during and after Sedation is first class.

The sedation given by Mr O’Donovan enables me to be at ease with any treatment necessary and allows him to complete the work required without any interruption.

Without the use of sedation I would find it difficult to attend regular appointments for treatment.

- Mrs M M

Dear Mr O'Donovan

Before the offer of sedation with dental treatment I very rarely visited a dentist and if I did it would be for an emergency only. It would be a very stressful time for me for days leading up to the appointment; I was permanently upset. Then on the actual day of the appointment, I would really panic which also made my family dread my appointments.Now when I know I have an appointment approaching, I realise there’s no need to worry as I will be unaware of the treatment. On the day staff are very comforting and put me at ease straight away. I do not remember the procedure when I come round but I feel happy that treatment has finished !

I have recommended sedation to friends with the same phobia and they are now able to use a dentist. I feel this option would benefit many more people who cower at the word “dentist”. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Ms P S

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