Tooth Whitening: This is a treatment we use to lighten the colour of your teeth. While it is also very good for overcoming the effects of smoking, an drinking tea, coffee and red wine, the end result is whiter teeth. The system we use at Teeth for Life costs less than the "in-surgery" systems, has a very small instance of sensitivity problems and gives just as good a result. The effect lasts for over a year after which it can be done again.

To Celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we are offering patients up to 20% off our tooth whitening service!

Veneers: Veneers are thin coverings used to disguise or improve the appearance of unsightly teeth and can be the treatment of choice in a variety of situations which we will discuss with you at your consultation appointment

White fillings: For a natural tooth coloured appearance; bonded to the tooth to strengthen it rather than metal fillings which actually weaken the teeth.

Crowns: Crowns are used to repair more badly broken teeth or where biting forces are heavier, such as posterior teeth. They are made from a variety of materials to withstand these forces but are usually tooth-coloured.

Bridges: Dental bridges are false teeth, which are anchored onto neighboring teeth in order to replace one or more missing teeth. The false tooth is known as a pontic and is fused in between two crowns that serve as anchors by attaching to the teeth on each side of the false tooth, thereby bridging them together.

Oral surgery/extractions: This is mainly the service we operate for other dentists and done under sedation. We can provide this for our own patients under sedation or local anaesthetic

Emergency service: We can usually see emergency patients within 24 hours. This initial visit will focus on assessing the problem and giving pain relief immediately. Once a problem is “bearable” we can arrange any further tests such as x-rays, and go on to actually treat the problem. We have also a telephone number on our answering machine for out of hour’s advice and treatment in severe emergencies

Dentists LX002 - Our dentists offers dental treatments for routine dental care like tooth whitening, veneers, white fillings, crowns with quality services.