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Nervous patient - difficult extractions - problems with LA ?

Dear Colleague

I would like this opportunity to introduce the service offered by our practice in Stoke. For many years we have been providing IV Sedation for treatment of our own patients; more recently we have been seeing patients of other practices in the area for minor oral surgery under sedation – this service is essentially just for extractions. However, increasing numbers of referrals have prompted expanding this, so we have changed our appointment system and have introduced dedicated sedation sessions so that these patients can be seen for actual treatment much more quickly.

At the practice we provide a friendly, caring environment and a sympathetic service for everyone, from the very nervous patient to those who just “don’t want to know” during treatment. Our aim is to provide a prompt and simple referral for any patients you feel may benefit from sedation for unpleasant procedures. All patients will be returned to your care following treatment.

As you are probably aware, IV Sedation is suitable for most healthy patients between 18 and 60 years of age. Younger teenagers react unpredictably and it is specifically contraindicated for children. With older patients, great caution has to be exercised with dosage. Generally speaking, the major contraindications are cardio respiratory problems, serious liver disease, patients with psychological problems or drug or alcohol abuse. In any event, to ensure the best care for your patients, we do very detailed medical history assessment at the consultation visit, including contacting the patient’s GP if appropriate. In case where some doubt exists because of medical problems – or if we consider the clinical situation too difficult – we will take responsibility for onward referral, for example to the nearest oral surgeon. We will tackle most extractions, but not impacted third molars or apicectomies, which we refer on, eg to the local hospital oral surgery department. All referring dentists receive a report which we send on the day of treatment.

If you are interested in this service, please send your referral letter to us – you can download a draft referral form at Dentist Referral Form

Once we have had your referral we will contact the patient – usually on the same day – to arrange their assessment appointment. As this will be fairly brief visit we can make it within a few days. We then arrange the actual treatment appointment, usually within two weeks.

Meanwhile we will be delighted to answer any queries you may have – just call one of our receptionists on 01782 844720

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Noel O’Donovan BDS NUI DGDP RCS MSc Man

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